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If you are looking to buy a used car, you're going to want to make sure you pay a fair price. At our Mazda dealership in Chicago, IL, we use Market Value Pricing to make our prices as low as possible.

Pre-Owned Mazda Inventory Interior

How Does It Work?

Each pre-owned vehicle is assigned a Market Value Price based on its true market value, not what we paid for it. Our proprietary software does analysis on how many similar vehicles are for sale in the area to measure supply and demand. This software works around the clock, comparing vehicle prices on over 40,000 websites every hour.

How Do I Benefit?

Inflated pricing hurts customers and car sales. Market Value Pricing helps us keep costs low. We compare prices every day and constantly update the pricing of the vehicles on the lot to remain competitive. If you find a better offer across town, odds are we're already adjusting to reflect it. By sticking to these low offers we're able to sell our cars quickly and at a fair, upfront rate. You no longer need to waste time negotiating off an inflated price! This system is an impartial, fast and affordable way of doing business. By making these prices competitive with the surrounding market, everyone benefits.

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Does This Really Work?

Look at our reviews, then come in and see for yourself!
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